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Brilliant images. MAGNETOM Espree Open Bore MRI delivers 1.5 Tesla image resolution for higher diagnostic accuracy. Other Open MRI machines deliver 0.3 Tesla - 0.7 Tesla.

Great accessibility. You can access and manipulate images electronically through CaroMont’s PACS network.

Feet first, head out. For most exams, including lumbar spine exams, the patients’s feet go in first and the head remains outside the magnet.

More room. When a headfirst exam is necessary, there is at least a foot of space above the patient’s nose. The short bore, 70-cm diameter opening provides ample elbow room. The weight limit is 440 pounds.

Short bore. Flared opening. Children and elderly will feel safe and relaxed because they can maintain eye contact with those present. Holding hands with someone is even possible during a scan.

Serene setting. The spacious exam room at CaroMont Imaging Services— Belmont has been designed with patient comfort in mind. North Carolina ocean scenes adorn the walls and ceiling. Patients can relax with their choice of music. Even the MRI itself is much quieter.

Normal Hours of Operation. Extended hours are available upon request.

Comprehensive services. Multi-slice CT, Routine Diagnostic and Fluoroscopic exams, Screening Mammography and Ultrasound.

Our high field MRI imaging equipment provides the highest resolution images possible. Because patient satisfaction is a priority, we go the extra step and offer an open MRI which uses a short bore and can accommodate nearly every type of patient: obese, claustrophobic, pediatric, etc. The short bore keeps the patient virtually free from the enclosed or confined atmosphere associated with a traditional MRI. If desired, patients also can have a family member or friend with them during the examination.

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